Building A Swimming Pool?
     A swimming pool is the ultimate for your outdoor paradise. Building an in ground swimming pool is major construction rather it is a play pool, diving pool or lap pool. Our FREE Swimming Pool Design Guide will help guide you through the considerations and options for your new in ground swimming pool.
     There are many in ground swimming pool builders, some good, some bad and those that won't be in business next year.
     There are swimming pool design, landscape design and safety considerations. How will you finance or pay for your swimming pool?
     Art Objects For The Home would like to help you answer these questions. We have some things for you to consider and think about.
     If you are building a swimming pool for your Backyard Paradise the success of your swimming pool design and good swimming pool construction will dictate the success of your backyard landscape.
You are about to make a large purchase. We want you to have the tools to make the right decision for you and your family.
Swimming Pool Design Considerations
     Are you in a new home?If you are going to build a swimming pool. Do it now! Do it first, before any other landscaping goes in.
Even in your front yard. If pool excavation equipment is going anywhere near where you have landscape, drip irrigation, landscape rock.
    Those excavation machines will ground your landscape rock in sooo deep you won't think you ever put any there! Build your in ground swimming pool. Then you can get on with your whole landscape design, your outdoor patio rooms and with your life!
     Building an in ground swimming pool is major construction. Itís a mess. You have a giant hole in your back yard with all kinds of trenches coming and going. Your windows are so dirty you have to wipe off a peep hole to see out! You canít keep your house clean with all the construction dust.
     Looking at this construction site begins to get on your nerves, much less workers in your backyard at the crack of dawn. Your dog is finding all kinds of ways to escape. It's worth it in the end.
     Needless to say, you donít want to do much or any landscaping before you build your swimming pool. And probably not during your swimming pool construction either. You absolutely donít want to do any planting of any kind where the pool and deck are going to be or in the path of the equipment from the street, in your front yard and down the side of your house.
Pay to put it in! Pay to take it out!
     If you already have your yard landscaped be prepared for the removal.The pool builder has to charge you to take out the grass, trees, shrubs and concrete, patios, walls etc. The more you have the more they must charge for removal and dumping fees.

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