Site Management,
If your property is part of a complex it is a necessity that the grounds and pool are maintained. For new builds the promoter or builder will be responsible until they are all completed and sold.
PPS can devise a management package for the site after discussing your requirements. Prices for these services will vary depending on size of complex, pool and needs.
Please feel free to contact us and we will send an expert member of our team to inspect your site.

See below for  example of needs for a site (complex)

Park Property Services Pool and Garden Maintenance
  1. Site Staff

PPS will be responsible for providing the appropriate level of staffing for all site activities, bearing in mind seasonal variations in demand for staff.

PPS will indicate, in their proposal, the approximate staffing levels that they anticipate being needed to meet requirements of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Security staff will wear an appropriate uniform and all other staff will wear a casual uniform. All staff will have named badges and a photo ID card on display at all the times.

1.1 Site Manager / Chairperson

PPS will provide a site manager / supervisor. This person will be the primary interface between the committee and maintenance company and will have a good command of the Turkish and English language.

1.2 Pool staff, Gardeners, General Maintenance & Cleaners

PPS will provide pool staff, gardeners, general maintenance staff and cleaners as necessary to meet the SLA conditions.

1.3 Site Security

PPS will provide 24 hours security coverage throughout the year. During the day a care taker and at night security men will be patrolling. This package will be negotiated as a separate item.

2. Main Season 1st April to 31st October

2.1 All Pools (Communal & Private)

  • Communal and private pools will be available for use by 1st May

  • Pool start up will include an acid wash and re-grouting as necessary

  • All pools will be cleaned (vacuumed) at appropriate intervals. In high season when pools are busy, it is expected that this will be daily.

  • Water quality will be tested and maintained with chemicals at appropriate intervals.

  • Filters will be regularly checked and cleaned as necessary

  • Signage will be clearly displayed when pools are not to be used.

  • Signs will be removed when pools are safe to use.

  • Tiles surrounding communal pools will be regularly hosed down to keep them clean.

  • Communal pool pumps and lights will be controlled by timers. Note for committee if timers are not fitted during 2009 then this will be an extra cost to the fund.

  • All pool equipment (pumps, filters etc.) will be maintained and repaired as necessary by PPS.

  • Tiles and grouting around communal pools will be maintained and repaired as necessary by PPS.

  • Chemicals will be put in the pool only by a certificated person from our company.

  • All persons who work on the site under the contract terms will be employed by PPS.

2.2 All Gardens (Communal & Private)

  • Grass and gardens for the whole site will be regularly watered at a rate appropriate to the time of the year. It is expected that this will be once every other day in the in the hottest months of the year. (1st May to 31th August)

  • Grass for the whole site will be regularly cut and edges trimmed at a rate appropriate to the time of the year.

  • The whole site will be weeded on a regular basis.

  • Weed killer will be used on paths etc. as necessary by PPS.

  • Upkeep of plants, flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees will be carried out as necessary, especially around paths and road ways.

  • Insecticide will be sprayed as and when required.

  • The garden will be fertilized between April and July.

  • Perimeter Wall pants in the borders outside the Complex Perimeter Wall are to be treated as above. Note: - When and where the plants die as a direct consequence of neglect i.e. proven lack of maintenance, the Supplier-Contractor will replace said items.

3. Winter Season (31st October to 31st March)

3.1 All Pools (Communal, Baby & Private)

  • The pool water will be lowered to half full.

  • We will add winter chemicals into the pool.

  • In the winter season we remove all pool pumps and store them in a secure safe location. Pumps will be marked to unsure they are returned to their original location. This is also the ideal time to carry out any pump maintenance that is necessary.

3.2 All Garden (Communal & Private)

  • The objective is to keep the whole site looking attractive and well cared for at all times.

  • Occasional grass cutting may be required.

  • Arranging a general cleaning of the garden for winter.

  • Cutting and cleaning the weeds at the garden and around walking area.

  • Checking the garden once in 3 days and doing what is required.

  • To cut back the trees, plants, flowers at the end of February.

  • All gardens will be kept tidy and overgrown plants pruned as necessary.

4. All Year Round General Maintenance

The objective is to keep the whole site looking attractive and well cared for at all times.

Long term maintenance, such as painting and decorating of private and communal properties, is not included. The funds will provide for long term maintenance work and such work will be agreed by the committee before being executed as a separate contract.

  • The whole site will be regularly maintained, cleaned and kept in a good condition.

  • Roads and path ways will be regularly cleaned (swept), repaired and maintained as necessary.

  • Light bulbs will be replaced when necessary; long life, low energy bulbs will be used whenever possible.

  • Communal areas will be kept clean.

  • Any charges associated with refuse collection will be the responsibility of the maintenance company.

  • Site safety is a priority.

    • In particular doors to equipment rooms will be clean, tidy & kept closed.

    • Electrical boxes will be closed and kept safe at all times.

    • Areas used to store tools, chemicals, consumables and equipment and not generally accessible to owners will be kept clean and tidy.


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